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Gregory Pykacz’s debut title follow.trail, a minimalist puzzle game developed on an eight-year-old Macbook Pro, has opened up for download on iOS.

To solve puzzles in follow.trail players will move the blue square throughout the game area, with dots indicating how many times the blue square can move across them. Once a square has been used up, it disappears leaving a hole in its place. Trick is that all of the squares have to be used up to complete the puzzle. Players have to land on the checkered tile at the very end to have a successful solve.

There are other tiles that add in special powers, one will teleport the blue dot to another warp tile, while another changes the color of black tiles to white.

Puzzles in follow.trail are “procedurally generated levels with a shared seed,” which the developer says that it will have “players are solving the same puzzles.” So while levels will be created on the fly by an algorithm, every player will have the same puzzle #37.

There isn’t a hint system or level skipping, players are going to have to knuckle through all the puzzles like it or not.

Creating follow.trail was a labor of love and desire for Pykacz, having spent a year in development on the puzzle game. With all that time spent, he still wanted to keep things “basic.”

“My initial goal was to make something simple and quick,” writes Pykacz. “That wasn’t me. It took me over a year but it became my most personal game with a meaning behind every single detail.”

Pykacz’s puzzle game doesn’t bring any real innovation to the table, but instead progression, taking the mechanics of Blyss and builds upon them. Where Dropout Games laid a basic foundation of the dots acting as the amount of times a square is used, follow.trail explores the idea further with the addition of specially powered tiles.

Follow.trail can be purchased for $2.99 through the Apple App Store. The puzzler contains no ads or in-app purchases, pay once and play.

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