Zendo Coming Late 2017, Early 2018

New edition at the printers.
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Kory Heath’s puzzle board game Zendo has been out of print for quite some time, now those pining hearts and high resale costs can finally be soothed as publisher Looney Labs just announced it has a new edition on the way.

From what Looney Labs founders have been saying online, we’re only a handful of months away from seeing the puzzle game on store shelves.

“Our new edition of the long awaited [Zendo] just went to the printer,” writes Looney Labs co-founder Kristin Looney. “[Zendo] will go into stores in late 2017 or early 2018,”

Everything that goes into the box, including the box itself, has been figured out, but there’s still the business end details that still need to be hashed out.

“[We] don’t have a release date yet…” tells the other Looney Labs co-founder Andy Looney. “[It’s] still going to be awhile before the manufacturing is done and our ship comes in. We also still need to decide how many copies to make and what the retail price will be.”

Pre-orders will be offered before Zendo hits store shelves, Looney Labs will announce the exact date, pricing, and other details when they’ll be opened closer to the game’s release.

Zendo version 2 contents.

Zendo version 2 contents. Image: Looney Labs.

With the new edition come changes to the original, all aimed in streamlining and simplifying the experience. In the first edition, pieces used were different sized pyramids marked with dots to help determine the size, now those are changing to pyramids and prisms. It’ll now be one size of pyramid, along with a triangular and rectangular prism. The black and white token pieces are still included in the new edition.

In Zendo players take on the role of Master and Student, where the Master creates a rule and the Student tries to figure out what the rule is. Students design structures from the pieces and present them to the Master, who then tells if it follows the rule or not. The Student that gets the rule correct wins the game. It’s like the classic puzzle game Mastermind, but on several doses of steroids.

Zendo debuted from Looney Labs in 2001.

Zendo version 1 cover.

Zendo version 1 cover. Image: Looney Labs.

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