Swim Out Plunges Onto Mobile Aug. 10

Diving onto desktops in Sept.
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Lozange Lab is set to release its sophomore puzzle game effort Swim Out to mobile on Aug. 10, and is tentatively schedule to come to desktops in September.

In Swim Out, players take on the role of a blue-capped swimmer that’s just trying his hardest to get out of the dang pool. That of course becomes a bigger problem than one would ever think, as there are all sorts of obstacles in the way. Other rude swimmers always get in the way, as do waves, crabs, jellyfish, and the jerk that’s riding a kayak.

All of the obstacles are turn-based movement, where obstacles move in lockstep with each movement that players make. Solving each puzzle is going to involve discovering the patterns and figuring out how to move through the crowd pool without running into anything.

There are useful that can be picked up in the pool to help our blue-capped hero get out, like life preservers and beach balls. They’re used to disrupt the patterns of the other swimmers, allowing players to sneak on by.

Overall, Swim Out appears to have taken a lot of design inspiration and cues from GO series Square Enix Montréal. It’ll be interesting to see if the husband and wife developer duo of Lozange Lab has grown the turn-based puzzle genre with their efforts.

Lozange Lab will be bringing Swim Out to Windows, Mac, and Linux this September, but a final date hasn’t been set.

Swim Out will be out in the various App Stores retailing for $2.99.

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