BAPHL 16 Announced For Oct. 8

Details and development still in progress.
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BAPHL 16 organizer Nathan Curtis has announced that the sixteenth puzzle hunt from the Boston area group has been set for Oct. 8.

While everything is still in the early stages of development, organizers already “have a structure worked out” and are looking to have the entire design process wrapped in two months. To get the puzzle hunt wrapped up in that time they’re going to need some help.

Curtis is looking for recruits to lend a hand in puzzle design and in running Game Control, the possibility for those interested in doing both is open. Authors are limited to one accepted puzzle and will have one month to complete their designs. Curtis and the BAPHL team will handle all of the puzzle testing and work one-on-one with designers if any editing is needed. The deadline to get those puzzle designs in is Sept. 1 and can be emailed in.

Organizers are also looking for a few good puzzlers to aid in Game Control, which will help with puzzle testing, editing, writing a few puzzles, and dealing with planning and logistics. If interested in lending a hand behind the scenes, let them know.

Depending on how quickly volunteers and things move along, but Curtis is saying that the date is “subject to change” and if it needs to be that the word will go out as soon as possible.

BAPHL was first launched in May 2010 by Diane Christoforo, Hubert Hwang, and Thomas Mack.

Featured image courtesy of BAPHL.

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