More Titles From Exit The Game Series Releasing Oct. 2017

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Following hot-on-the-heels of its big Kennerspiel Des Jahres award win, Kosmos has announced that it’ll be releasing three more titles from Exit The Game series to the U.S. this October.

The new game lineup will feature The Polar Station, The Forbidden Castle, and The Forgotten Island, retailing for $14.95 each. All three are stand-alone titles, coming packaged with the decoder disc, cards, and strange items that are a staple of the series.

A firm release date for the new additions to the series haven’t been announced.

Exit The Game Second Wave

  • The Polar Station: Players take on the role of climate researchers stationed at the North Pole. Without warning, the evacuation alarms have gone off and the entire research complex has been sealed off. Escape from the station before the deathly cold takes its toll.
  • The Forbidden Castle: A lonely castle is the destination of players’ hike, but the doors close behind leaving escape appearing impossible. Can they solve the puzzles that will help find the path to freedom?
  • The Forgotten Island: Shipwrecked on the beach of a forgotten island, a chained boat is the only hope for players to escape. But the mysterious owner has left puzzles throughout the island. Solve them, free the boat, and try to escape in time.

Expansions to any title area routine and numerous following any publisher’s win from one of the three Des Jahres awards, the others two Kinderspiel and Spiel. The massive amount of attention generate from the awards leaves publishers scrabbling to capitalize on the board game community’s spending.

What makes this an interesting curve-ball is that there is already a race among publishers to grab the exploding escape room market. Floods of titles are coming in from publishers and escape room designers throughout the industry. The Escape Room at-home game is seeming to take off with as much speed and energy as the physical room versions have.

With this fast turnover to distribution following the game’s award win, it seems to all but guarantee that the other titles from the series will be headed over to the U.S. Still waiting to make the trans-Atlantic trip are The Weird Villa, The Sunken Treasure, The Dead In The Orient-Express, and The House Of Puzzles. Though no official announcements have been made.

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