DuckAdventure Puzzle Hunt Registration Opens Aug. 1

Puzzle hunting in Disney on Sept. 17.
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Third Gate Games is bringing their signature puzzle hunt MouseAdventure back to Disneyland, with registration opening Aug. 1 for the event held Sept. 17.

Registration will open on the MouseAdventure website at 9 a.m. PT, Aug. 1 and remain open until Sept. 6 or until all spaces have been filled. Past puzzle hunts have filled up quickly, so if interested puzzlers are going to have to move fast to snag a spot. Just remember that your puzzle hunt ticket doesn’t include admission to the theme park.

This year’s event is going to be taken over by the famous Disney character Donald Duck, who has “had enough of Mickey getting all the attention.” Hence the switch from the puzzle hunt’s traditional title MouseAdventure to DuckAdventure. Puzzle hunters will be joining Donald and his friends as they explore the rivers of America and beyond.

There’s two divisions again this year, Basic and Advanced, with the Advanced group receiving all of the same puzzles as the Basic competitors but with the difficulty kicked up a few notches. Tickets for the Basic division run $135 per team and Advanced teams go for $150.

MouseAdventures opened in 2000, and running an annual puzzle hunt in the spring and fall at Disneyland, with an occasional hop over to Walt Disney World.

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