ChromaGun Gets PS4, Xbox One Launch Date

Xbox One pre-orders Aug. 3, PS4 in E.U. already open.
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Pixel Maniacs will be launching its Portal -inspired puzzle platformer ChromaGun on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in late August, with Xbox One pre-orders set to open at the beginning of the month.

ChromaGun will launch for PS4 on Aug. 22 for U.S. markets, while those in the E.U are going to have to tough it out until Aug. 23. Xbox One owners will also be receiving a worldwide rollout of the title on Aug. 23. Pricing details for both U.S. console releases have-yet-to-be announced.

For players looking to be first in line over in the E.U., pre-orders are currently available for £11.99, but if you’re a puzzler living stateside, a price and date haven’t be announced. Xbox One pre-orders are scheduled to open up Aug. 3 and the retail price is also unknown.

In ChromaGun, players are trying to get out of chambers through the exit door, but to do so puzzle must be solved. To do this players are equipped with the ChromaGun itself, a gun that colorizes walls by shooting red, yellow, or blue. Colors can be mixed just like in preschool art class, red and yellow making orange, and so on.

Throughout the chambers robots of various colors are placed and each is attracted to an area that’s been made its same color. The puzzles then involves manipulating that attraction to open doors, activate triggers, or removing obstacles. There’s a total of eight chapters, collecting 26 levels.

The developer has commented that there are no plans currently in place to bring the game to PSVR, because of a perceived low demand and the need to balance out the small amount of staffing on other projects. If the demand for a ChromaGun VR changes, Pixel Maniacs has said that they’re eager to move ahead with its development.

ChromaGun was originally released for iOS back in Sept. 2015, soon following to desktops on Feb. 2016. The puzzler is available for iOS at $2.99 and on Windows, macOS, and Linux via Steam for $12.99.

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