Seventh Annual Palantir Puzzlehunt Announced For Fall

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Organizers of the Palantir Puzzlehunt have revealed that it’s seventh annual events will be held at multiple locations across the country this fall.

Entitled Puzzle, She Wrote, the puzzle hunt will be themed after the successful television show Murder, She Wrote. The hunt’s logo has also debuted, taking inspiration from the notebook used by the main character of the show Jessica Fletcher.

Palantir Puzzlehunt 2017 logo.

Palantir Puzzlehunt 2017 logo. Image: Palantir Technologies.

Previous puzzle hunts from Palantir have been held at multiple venues on college campuses and this year will be the same. Hunt runners haven’t released city lists or locations, but last year’s events took place at Carnegie Mellon University, M.I.T., Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, and University Of Washington. Considering their success, it’s likely that the hunts will return to those campuses and we might see an expanded location roster.

No word yet on when a formal announcement can be expected for additional puzzle hunt details.

Murder, She Wrote was a television crime drama that ran from 1984 to 1996, airing 264 episodes. It started Angela Lansbury as Fletcher, a mystery novelist that solves real crimes.

Palantir Technologies is a big data analysis company based out of Palo Alto, Calif., founded in 2004.

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