Escape Room Game Wins Coveted Board Game Award

Kennerspiel De Jahres 2017 winner.
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At-home escape room game series Exit The Game, has won what’s considered one of the most prestigious board game prizes in the world, the German award Kennerspiel Des Jahres.

The award is one of three awards given out annually by the Spiel Des Jahres committee, that also includes Kinderspiel Des Jahres, children’s game of the year, and Spiel Des Jahres, game of the year. Kennerspiel Des Jahres is given out to “expert games,” ones that are complex and meant for more cerebral than titles found in mainstream publishing.

Each of the titles from the Exit The Game series, which includes The Abandoned Cabin, The Pharaoh’s Tomb, and The Secret Lab, comes packed with a decoder disk, cards, and strange items. Players solve puzzles and collect items against the clock, in a model that is all too familiar to those familiar with escape rooms.

Several additional titles have been announced as heading to the U.S. from the Exit The Game series: The Polar Station, The Forgotten Island, and The Forbidden Castle. Meanwhile Kosmos has even more still lurking in the wings that have already been published in Germany, including The Weird Villa, The Sunken Treasure, The Dead In The Orient-Express, and The House Of Puzzles.

Release dates for any of the upcoming title from the series hasn’t been announced, neither has the possibility of the other escape room games making the cross-Atlantic trip.

Exit The Game series is part of the developing movement to bring escape room genre to the home, which has grown to include titles from bigger name publishers like Escape The Room series from Thinkfun and the expanding Unlock! series by Asmodee.

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