Sokoban Musical Puzzler Resynth Releases To iOS

Beat-boxing gone to a whole different level.
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Australian developer Polyphonic LP has launched its debut title Resynth to the App Store, offering a unique audiovisual take on the ever-expanding Sokoban puzzle space.

Resynth is a Sokoban-style puzzle game that offers players 72 puzzles to crack as they try to recreate an electronic tune with elements from the game. Polyphonic LP describes it as “[players] solve the puzzles, [players] recreate the tune”

Block-pushing is still at the heart of the game and players are going to be moving blocks to their destinations. What gives Resynth its uniqueness is that each block makes a different sound, so as the level progresses and blocks are landed, a techno beat develops. Several elements from each level give off different sounds, and when the puzzle is solved the final song has been made.

Polyphonic LP has plans to release additional level packs “soon,” which will come with more puzzles and of course, new dope beats. No word on pricing or the amount of puzzles that will be included in each of the packs has been released.

What Resynth brings to the table is similar to a part of what Lumines did for the Tetris landscape, adding a big change to the audiovisual styles of an established genre. It’s certainly one of the main attractions for the title, adding in a welcome style and flair.

The musical aspect of the game doesn’t affect anything puzzle related and seems to be a keen audio addition. While a nice little electronica tune is recreated by solving the puzzle, levels themselves aren’t reliant on the music at all. If players wanted to solve the puzzles with the volume muted, they certainly could.

Resynth was given the thumbs up by Steam’s Greenlight prior to the program’s shutdown, but will still be coming to Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux, with a listed release date of “late 2017.”

The musical Sokoban puzzler is available on the App Store for $1.99.

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