Broadway Puzzlefest From Patrick Blindauer Opens Pre-Orders

Expected release date Sept. 1.
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Puzzle designer Patrick Blindauer has announced that pre-orders for his next puzzle extravaganza Broadway Puzzlefest are now open for $20.

It’s been about two-and-a-half years since Blindauer’s previous puzzle extravaganza Space Puzzlefest that launched in Dec. 2014 and the designer is ready to burst back onto the scene with a theme that means a lot to him.

“After a lengthy hiatus, I’m thrilled to announce my next Puzzlefest. The theme this time is a subject near and dear to my heart: BROADWAY!”

Theater holds a warm place in Blindauer’s heart and it seems only natural that the puzzle constructor would eventually turn merge this piece of his life into his designs. With such an intimate knowledge and care for the subject, it’ll be interesting to see the depth of design that Blindauer will bring to the project.

Broadway Puzzlefest is going to be structured like past Puzzlefests, just like a mini-puzzle hunt or extravaganza.

“Each puzzle will have a Broadway-related theme and also lead to a short word or phrase. These answers will be used at the end to solve one final challenge, the meta-puzzle.

With exception to the theme and the general framework of the collection, Blindauer hasn’t released details as to the puzzle amounts or types. We can probably deduce a fair amount from the designer’s past work and Puzzlefests. The designer stays within the word genre of puzzles sticking heavily with Crosswords, although grid styles are not always the conventional squares. It’s a pretty safe bet that almost all of the puzzles from the upcoming project will be Crosswords.

Past Puzzlefests have ranged between nine and 14 puzzles, along with a meta-puzzle, so we can expect a similar amount. The more recent collections have been trending to increase in the number of puzzles, we could possibly see the count to be around the top of that range.

Blindauer’s Puzzlefest collection can be purchased through the designer’s website for $15 a piece.

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