New Trailer Buds For Puzzle Adventure, Growbot

Inspired by Machinarum, with a sprinkling of Botanicula.
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Work has taken root on the puzzle adventure Growbot and developers have released a new trailer to show off their blossoming efforts.

The game comes off like a mix between Botanicula and Machinarium, the later developers have give the nod to as inspiration. Not just in its artistic style, but also the puzzles that the Growbot team have put together including turning levers, matching shapes, and exploring the environments.

In Growbot, puzzlers play as Nara, a student growbot on a space station attending her first day of training. Soon after Nara’s arrival, an unknown force infests the station with quickly growing crystals, cutting off communications with the outside. Players set out to stop the crystal creating force, while along the way make new friends and repair machinery.

No word has been mentioned on a firm date, but the tentative release window of 2018. Growbot will be heading to Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s also being made on the Unity development platform, which makes it easier for designers to bring the puzzle game to other platforms like Android and iOS in the future.

Illustrations are drawn by an award-winning illustrator Lisa Evans, with music created by Jessica Fichot.

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