Yankai’s Peak Coming To Steam July 13

Sokoban-style puzzler twists from mobile to desktops.
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Continuing the platform roll out of Yankai’s Peak, developer Kenny Sun has announced that he’ll be spinning the Sokoban-style puzzler to Steam on July 13.

Yankai’s Peak will be a direct port of the mobile, offering 130 handcrafted puzzles, bucking the current trend of computer auto-generated puzzles. There are seven areas to explore in the game, each offering a new twist on the puzzle mechanics.

The puzzler will be available as a download through Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux, retailing for $4.99. A 20-percent discount will be up for grabs for those ready to plunk down their dollars during the game’s launch week.

Yankai’s Peak had become bogged down in the now defunct Steam Greenlight process, one that had Steam users vote for games to be allowed onto the digital download platform. Steam has now replaced the old system with simply having developers pay a small per-game fee for titles that are now included in the Steam store.

Sun had released the puzzle game on iOS in late May and it followed to Android on June 15, both currently selling for $2.99.

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