Thimbleweed Park Heading To Nintendo Switch

Multiple console announcements to come.
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Co-creator of Thimbleweed Park Ron Gilbert took to Twitter yesterday, showing off the puzzle adventure game running on the Nintendo Switch, though an official announcement was due to come next week.

Development studio Terrible Toybox was scheduled to make the reveal next week, and in spite of Gilbert’s early preview, no release dates or other details have been outed, save that the port will be handled internally.

Gilbert’s tweet featured a video of Thimbleweed Park being played on the Nintendo Switch, with inputs fully functioning on the touchscreen and joy cons. Audio from the game can be heard as the story plays out from the screen.

The tweet’s text mentions “multiple Thimbleweed Park console announcements next week,” with Nintendo Switch as the first, it leaves room for more. So far the game is available on Xbox One, Windows, macOS, and Linux, which leaves some notable holes. Mobile versions are known to be on the way, possibly meaning that we’ll see PlayStation 4 and PS Vita at next week’s announcement.

Thimbleweed Park was made possible through a massive Kickstarter success and billed as a spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion.

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