Asmodee Expands Escape Room Series, Unlock!

Three new, at-home escape rooms added for second wave.
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Hot on the heels of last month’s release of the first wave of the escape room Unlock! Escape Adventures series, publisher Asmodee has announced its second wave will be out in Q4 of this year.

The next wave in at-home Unlock! series will feature another three separate games, equalling the amount from the series’ launch, selling for $14.99 each. Themes for the new outings are provide a wide variety, including a haunted house, deep sea adventure, and a treasure hunt.

As in previous titles from the series, each game will feature a deck of cards that offer puzzles for players to solve in under an hour. Each card has items and clues that have to be combined to solve the puzzles, which lets players move further through the adventure. The games collimate in a final escape that requires the discovery of a four-digit code.

All-in-all, pretty standard fare for the escape room genre, brought to the home from game design studio Space Cowboys.

Unlock! Escape Adventures Second Wave

  • The House on the Hill: Players become ghost hunters whose investigation of an abandoned, haunted house. Soon players find themselves embroiled in a mystery that involves a curse from the infamous Book Of The Dead.
  • The Nautilus’ Traps: While exploring the bottom of the ocean, the submarine players are using is attack by an enormous sea creature. There’s only an hour to navigate to the surface before air runs out!
  • The Tonipal’s Treasure: Captain Smith has left his treasure hidden on Tonipal Island, and players taking on the roles of treasure hunters have been imprisoned by the island’s Governor. Players must escape before any of their hunting rivals discover the location of the treasure.

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