Zero Time Dilemma Unlocking PS4, North America Aug. 18

Hitting Japan Aug. 17, Europe still unknown.
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Publisher of the Zero Escape series Aksys Games officially announced during the 2017 Anime Expo the third game from the series Zero Time Dilemma will be launching to PS4 for the North American market on Aug. 18.

The escape room game will be releasing to Japan on Aug. 17, but no date has been suggested for Europe.

In what’s become a grand tradition, online retailer Amazon had spilled the beans through its store in May, showing off all of the game’s details. The company displayed North American release dates, pricing, cover image, and screenshots from the game.

The title is the final installment from the Zero Escape series, acting as a bridge between the two previous titles, 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward. It acts as a stand-alone effort, players not needing to have gone through the other games from the series to play. Zero Time Dilemma continues the non-linear storytelling for which the Zero Escape series is renowned.

Zero Time Dilemma will run $39.99 on PS4 and will be offered both as a physical and digital release. The puzzle game is currently available on Nintendo’s 3DS, PS Vita, and Windows for Steam.

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