The Witness Not In Development For Nintendo Switch

Jonathan Blow leaves future door open.
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Creator of the critically acclaimed puzzle game The Witness, Jonathan Blow, shot down the idea that a Nintendo Switch version is currently in development.

Short and to the point, Blow stated via his personal Twitter account: “We are not working on such a port at this time.” While Blow’s statement puts a damper on some of the rumors and speculation that have been bandied about, it doesn’t rule out any future plans that the developer may have for Nintendo’s new platform.

Given its puzzle mechanics, The Witness seems perfectly fit for the Nintendo Switch which brings a marriage of controller and touch screen inputs. It doesn’t much to picture players’ world movement guided by the controllers and puzzle solutions made by drawing on the screen itself.

The Witness was released in January of last year and went on to sell over 100,000 copies within the game’s first week of release. The puzzle game has been ported to Xbox One, macOS, and Android, while a iOS version is still in development.

This past April, Blow offered a glimpse at an early prototype of his current project, that has an early appearance of a possible Sokoban-style puzzle game.

Source: Twitter

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