Broken Age Arrives On Xbox One

Three years after original release.
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Five years after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign and having ports arrive on many different platforms, puzzle adventure game Broken Age has been released for Xbox One.

Coming from the partnership between the game’s original developer Double Fine and BlitWorks, Broken Age is available for download through the Xbox One store for $19.99. It comes as a faithful port of the title, with no additional content. The developers’ efforts give another entry point for those few puzzlers that haven’t experienced the game to finally do so.

Double Fine had applied for a video game rating for Xbox One from Europe’s self-regulatory authority PEGI in April of this year, and also to its U.S. counterpart ESRB soon after. While these moves didn’t guarantee a release would come, the financial investment for the application is large enough to ensure that there are serious intentions to bring a game to market.

Broken Age received a limited edition, physical release for PS4 and PS Vita that released earlier this month.

Double Fine kicked off its public facing development of Broken Age by generating an unprecedented, at the time, $3.3 million from backers in only 30 days.

Broken Age is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Android, iOS, and the ill-fated Ouya.

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