Machinarium Gets Under-The-Hood Engine Rebuild

Free update brings puzzle game modern tech structure.
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Amanita Design has been devoted to keep its puzzle adventure game Machinarium alive, and to do so the developer has taken the drastic step of gutting the original Flash-based game engine, totally replacing it.

Having been around for eight years, the game needed a modern overhaul if it was going to stay alive in today’s rapidly progressing tech world. Amanita stepped up and developed the free Definitive Version update for Steam.

“We’ve reprogrammed Machinarium from the scratch,” explains the developer. “The game is now using a custom made DirectX engine instead of Flash which has become quite old-fashioned in recent years. Therefore you can finally enjoy Machinarium even on modern high resolution screens. And thanks to added game pad support, the game works perfectly in Steam Big Picture.”

The update is only for Windows at the moment, but Amanita has stated that the major update will be available on macOS “soon.” It also includes 12 Steam achievements, Steam Cloud saves, leader boards and 14 different languages.

Machinarium is currently $2.50, a 75-percent price drop, coming as a part of Steam’s Summer Sale that runs until July 5.

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