Level-5 Investigating Bringing Professor Layton To Nintendo Switch

Seeking to overcome hardware hurdles.
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Level-5 CEO and Professor Layton producer Akihiro has revealed that the company is looking into how to bring Layton to the Nintendo Switch, but is trying to figure out some of the hardware difficulties in translating the popular puzzle series to the new platform.

Professor Layton games have been exclusive to the handheld and mobile arena since the series launched in 2007, gracing Nintendo DS, 3DS, Android, and iOS. Since the Nintendo Switch bridges the gap between these two distinct platforms, many have wonder if the Professor Layton series will make its way to the Switch.

During an interview at the E3 video game conference, Hino talked about the Nintendo Switch and what it would take to bring the puzzle detective to the new platform.

“I love the [Nintendo] Switch. I think it’s amazing hardware. The problem is, the Layton series does a lot with the touchscreen and pointing,” explains Hino. “So, the problem with the Switch is, if you play on handheld you can do it, but if you put it on the dock… we’re trying to figure out how that would play into it.”

“If we can get around that…definitely we’re looking into putting the next Layton onto the Switch,” said Hino.

Level-5 might take a note from the recently released Tomorrow Corporation puzzle titles like Human Resource Machine for inspiration. Each uses Nintendo Switch controllers’ motion sensors to act as an on-screen pointer to interact with the game’s environments, in a very easy to use way.

The next game in the series Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy is scheduled to release July 20 on Android and iOS. It will follow to the 3DS in Japan that same and has an unannounced Western release date.

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