DASH 9 Puzzles Released

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DASH organizers have released all of the puzzles from ninth annual puzzle hunt, free for download through the event’s website.

Two divisions were offered at the live DASH 9 event and organizers have offered both sets, plus all of the additional materials from the puzzle hunt including the artifacts and transparency. There are nine puzzles featured in each division, with the Standard version made for casual solvers and Expert meant for those seeking a much larger challenge. While the Expert level puzzles can be more difficult, one of the main factors is that instructions for solving aren’t given and must be discovered by puzzlers.

The theme for DASH 9 is the swashbuckling archaeologist, think Indiana Jones, and is entitled DASH 9: Department Of Applied Synergistic Humanities. In fact, puzzle hunt teams join a Dr. Jones throughout the adventure, solving puzzles that lead down into ancient chambers, radio telescopes, and military bases.

DASH officials are considering creating a Home Edition of the DASH 9 puzzle hunt for the ClueKeeper app. The idea behind bringing the ClueKeeper experience to the puzzle hunt’s Home Edition is to offer the same solution checking, hint system, and story text for armchair solvers. If you’re like to see this version, drop organizers a message through Facebook or Twitter to let them know you’re interested.

In the live DASH 9 event, team Saddest Turtle from Fremont, Calif. Won first place overall in the Standard Division by two points. The Expert Division overall winning team was the Burninators, also from Fremont, Calif., and narrowly edging out their closest competition by two points as well.

DASH 9 drew in a total of 480 puzzle hunt teams, 138 solving the Standard division and 342 teams opting for the more challenging Expert division. The puzzle hunt was held in 16 cities, mostly in the U.S., two taking place in cities in other countries, London and Enschede, Netherlands.

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