The Indie 500 Registration Opens

Irreverent Crossword tournament ready for solvers.
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Registration has officially opened to the public for the irreverent Crossword tournament The Indie 500, available through the event’s website now in its third year.

Still held at the Crossword tournament’s original venue Continental Ballroom, George Washington University in Washington D.C., pricing has also remained the same, with those solving at the live event paying $30 and solvers competing in the At-Home division $10.

Competition for the live tournament is divided into two divisions: the Inside Track and Outside Track. Inside Track solvers are composed of those that have finished in the top 25 percent of Crossword tournaments in the past five years, all others will be placed in the Outside Track division.

Puzzles for the Crossword event are designed by some of the field’s top authors:

  • Erik Agard
  • Tracy Bennett
  • Neville Fogarty
  • Angela Olson Halsted
  • Andy Kravis
  • Allegra Kuney
  • Paolo Pasco

As in previous years of the tournament, organizers are offering additional interconnected puzzles with a meta-puzzle that are independent from those offered in the event. The puzzles are available for a “pay what you wish” model, for a minimum donation of $1.

Crosswords from the tournament will go on sale shortly following the conclusion of the Solve-At-Home division.

Puzzles from the past two tournaments are available to purchase for $5 per year and includes the bonus material.

The Indie 500 was founded by Peter Broda and debuted on May 30, 2015.

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