Puzzle Boat 4 Kickstarter Funds In 10 Hours

Easily breaks $6,000 goal.
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Creator of the Puzzle Boat series Foggy Brume set out on an 18-day fundraising campaign, hoping to generate $6,000 to help finance the fourth installment of the puzzle hunt’s creation… instead it only took ten hours.

As of this writing, Brume’s Kickstarter campaign has amassed over 100 backers, bringing in well over $9,000 with 16 days left still to go, ending May 29. Current trend models from Kicktraq are showing that the project should finish off with a little above $16,400, well over double what the Brume had anticipated.

Puzzle Boat 4 will follow in the footsteps of previous outings from the series, coming loaded with over 100 puzzles, dozens of meta-puzzles, and a final meta-meta-puzzle. Brume, also the editor and chief puzzle creator for P&A Magazine, will be constructing all of the puzzles offered in the puzzle hunt.

“Most of the puzzles in Puzzle Boat 4 will be word and trivia puzzles,” Brume writes. “There will be some logic puzzles, too, as well as puzzles that defy categorization. All of the puzzles will have a little twist or special raison d’etre… [One] puzzle might provide audio clips of songs that have a special relationship that the solver must determine. Yet another puzzle might be a crossword that’s really a maze. You can be assured of a wide variety of puzzle types, challenging you in many unexpected ways.”

There are two separate puzzle suites offered through the Kickstarter campaign: Puzzle Boat 4 and Kickstarter exclusive puzzles. A quick $10 hit will grab the exclusives that are made up of six puzzles plus a metapuzzle, to get access to Puzzle Boat 4, puzzlers are going to need to pledge at least $100. That’s a large upfront cost, but at just under a dollar a puzzle it’s not unreasonable. Since the hunt is intended to be solved by four to six puzzle hunters, divvying up the expense from $17 to $25 per player such a big hit.

Brume has promised that stretch goals will be added in the coming days.

Puzzle Boat 4 is expected to be published via the P&A Magazine website in Oct. 2017.

The first Puzzle Boat was originally launched by Brume in Oct. 2015, Puzzle Boat 2 and Puzzle Boat 3 are also available for purchase at $30 and $40, respectively.

About Bran McMillin

Bran McMillin is the founder and senior editor for the puzzle news site Puzzle Pile. From 2007 - 2010, he served as editor for the magazine Panopticon: Puzzles & Games. He is the inventor of the Itachi and Hairetsu puzzle forms and has created hundreds of puzzles. Disclosure: Bran is a member of the National Puzzlers' League.


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