AuroraBound – Pattern Puzzles Arrives On Mobile

Abstract jigsaw puzzler from debut publisher.
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One-man game developer Final Game Studio has just launched its debut game AuroraBound – Pattern Puzzles, an abstract jigsaw puzzler with thousands of challenges.

AuroraBound sets players against puzzles that are made up of abstract patterns and each must be completed by placing all of the pieces in the right spot of the puzzle grid. Some of the pieces can be spun around, others can be only be moved, while others are nailed down and can never be budged at all.

Players aren’t given a final image, but must figure out through logic how to place each missing piece into the grid. Each piece must be spun and moved to discover the solution.

Designer Daniel O’Byrne has hooked up to the latest trend in the puzzle apps, letting an algorithm create puzzles for players to solve. Having the computer generate the puzzles gives players a near infinite pool of challenges to solve. How O’Byrne branches out from many other developers is that he’s taken the time to construct 100 puzzles himself for the introductory levels of the game.

“Those first puzzles needed to be [hand-made],” writes O’Byrne. “[To] get the effect I wanted and have interesting patterns hidden in them. It also helped me tune the opening worlds difficulty curve.”

The individually crafted puzzles end around World 20, with the difficulty level stabilizing around World 30.

AuroraBound – Pattern Puzzles is available as a free download for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 10. Extra hints can be bought, offered as in-app purchases within the game.

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