Zero Time Dilemma Coming To PS4 This Fall, Completes Series

Receiving physical and digital release.
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Publisher Aksys Games has announced it’s releasing the third and final game from the Zero Escape series, Zero Time Dilemma to PS4 this fall.

Amazon has quite a history of outing upcoming games with early listings for pre-orders and Zero Time Dilemma can be claimed as another of the online selling giant’s victims. Spotted early today, the Amazon listing spills the beans on the details for the upcoming port of the escape room game.

According to the online detailing, Zero Time Dilemma will be released Aug. 18, selling for $39.99. The game has been remastered with HD graphics and will come with options for either English or Japanese voice overs.

Aksys Games has confirmed that there will be both a physical and digital release, no word yet on if there will be a price break for the digital version.

The game wraps up the Zero Escape trilogy and falls in between the others from the series, but is can be play as a stand-alone title. As with the other installments, Zero Time Dilemma features many differing characters and endings, all revealed in a non-linear storytelling.

Zero Time Dilemma debuted on Nintendo’s 3DS, PS Vita, and Windows for Steam back in June of last year. The rollout for the title’s special edition was met with many speedbumps, taking Aksys Games many weeks to resolve.

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