Mr. Mustachio 2 Rolling Out To Mobile Soon

iOS first, Android to follow.
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Indie game developer Shobhit Samaria will soon be bringing the sequel to his Mr. Mustachio puzzle game to mobile, expanding the dapper main character’s mustache first to iOS.

Some of the puzzles that have been released by Samaria show off some of the new puzzle grids and rules. Rules like “count the amount of closed shapes” with a grid filled with shapes that have dotted sides, and “total count of lowercase letters,” the grid containing cursive and non-cursive letters.

Samaria has said that Mr. Mustachio 2 will be hitting iOS next few weeks, but no hard date has been given, neither has a price point.

Mr. Mustachio is available only on iOS as a free download, offering an in-app purchase of $0.99 to remove ads. The first game hasn’t been brought to Android, but Samaria has posted that the sequel will be coming to Android later.

Mr. Mustachio 2 puzzle.

Mr. Mustachio 2 shape puzzle. Image: Shobhit Samaria.

Mr. Mustachio 2 word puzzle.

Mr. Mustachio 2 word puzzle. Image: Shobhit Samaria.

Mr. Mustachio 2 shape puzzle.

Mr. Mustachio 2 shape puzzle. Image: Shobhit Samaria.

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