Jonathan Blow Gives Glimpse Of Next Puzzle Game

Creating over 25-hours of gameplay, so far.
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Braid and The Witness developer Jonathan Blow teased his next project would be another puzzle game, during a presentation at this year’s European game developer conference Reboot Develop, held this year in Croatia.

Blow has been working on the untitled puzzler “for the last few months” and is quick to say that the game is a “work in-progress.” Visuals for the game are not final, but gameplay has been created to let players take control of a character that moves around a grid-based world, and is able to push blocks around.

The small development crew has created over 25-hours of single player gameplay, but as Blow admits most of their work looks rather rough at this point.

During the demo, Blow shows off the in-game editor, what the developers use to make the puzzle game levels. In it, Blow shows how quickly levels can be created and manipulated, but no other clues about the game surface from the demonstration.

Throughout the development of The Witness, Blow had voiced his complaints about the C++ computer programming language’s shortcomings. Spurred on by these difficulties, Blow made a programming language including elements developed while making The Witness. To demonstrate the capabilities of the newly created computer language, Blow and his team decided to ship a game built with it.

Blow’s full remarks can be found at 5:32:45 on the video.

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