Fez Heading To iOS Later In 2017

Details still sketchy.
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Cute, 8-bit puzzle-platformer Fez its celebrating its fifth anniversary, and game developer Polytron announced that it’ll be bringing it to iOS sometime this year.

Additional details are still few and far between, including any sort of pricing or how Polytron plans on implementing the controls for the puzzle game. While there isn’t any indication for the exact timeframe of the release, the trailer having just randomly popped up would suggest that Fez should be coming out soon.

The puzzler would be brought to most of the video game platforms at the time, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows, macOS and Linux. Bringing Fez to iOS was a different story for Polytron developer Phil Fish.

Fez has had a troubled past when its come to the game’s iOS development, with rumors flying around that the industry giant at the time Zynga had offered to port the puzzle title. Speculation was further fueled when Fish said in 2013 that an iOS port was “highly probable.” After that the developer fell into a bit of public turmoil.

Phil Fish announced a sequel to Fez a year after the original’s release, but Fez 2’s cancellation would follow just over a month later, with Fish citing “abuse” from games community and journalists as the reason.

Promotional teaser for Fez 2.

Promotional teaser for Fez 2.

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