Lara Croft GO: The Mirror Of Spirits Finds Its Way To iOS

Android release date not yet known.
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Square Enix Montréal has finally brought its The Mirror Of Spirits update for Lara Croft GO to iOS, after having been available on several months on other platforms.

The Mirror Of Spirits comes as a free update, expanding the puzzle game with an additional 25 levels. Lara’s next adventure keeps all of the familiar aspects, but adds in new mirror mechanics, including a mirrored version of the heroine herself.

Lara Croft GO made its debut on iOS and Windows in Aug. 2015, with its development moving to Steam providing a wider exposure, before settling into the PlayStation, macOS and Linux platforms. It seems that Square Enix Montréal is shepherding the roll out of The Mirror Of Spirits in almost the reverse order as the development of the original title. In fact, this update was included when the game was released on PlayStation 4.

Development of The Mirror Of Spirits was done fellow Montréal-based studio by KO_OP Mode, who just announced their forthcoming effort GNOG will be hitting PlayStation 4 on May 2.

No word yet on a time frame for an Android release.

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