Kami 2 Unfolds Worldwide On iOS, March 30

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After soft-launching Kami 2 in Australia and New Zealand late last year, State Of Play Games will be rolling out its latest puzzle game worldwide March 30.

Over 100 puzzles will be included in the game, bringing back Kami’s familiar folding puzzles where players have to flood each of the puzzles in the fewest moves possible. The game’s designers are promising that Kami 2 will be employing “subtle new tricks and fiendish surprises” for this latest round of challenges.

Developers are remaining tight-lipped about the specifics of Kami 2’s game play, in spite the fact that our friends in Oceania have been solving its puzzles for almost four months. State Of Play Games is saying that this sequel will be a “big leap forward” for the newly minted series.

In what has become a growing trend in the digital puzzle space, a Puzzle Builder will be included, letting players design and share creations with friends. There will also be a Daily Challenge where players are pitted against a new puzzle each day, and their efforts recorded for winning streaks and leader boards.

State Of Play has said that Kami 2 will be free to download and play, offering in-app purchases of hints and themes as a means to monetize its effort.

Kami 2 soft-launched in Australia and New Zealand in early December of last year.

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