Cube Escape: The Cave Arrives On Mobile And Web

Next in free escape room series releases for Android and iOS, one left.
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Developer Rusty Lake has been taking players on a surrealistic journey over the last two years through its free escape room series Cube Escape, today it released Cube Escape: The Cave one of the final titles for the line.

Cube Escape: The Cave will feature three environments, bringing with it Rusty Lake’s hallmark twists of puzzles, dreamlike atmosphere and enigmatic narrative. In fact, The Cave will begin to tie together the storylines from the previous titles in the series, as well as other games from the Rusty Lake universe, including Rusty Lake: Hotel and Rusty Lake: Roots.

The trailer’s narrator takes from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, or simply The Cave, quoting “for most of us the life we see is merely as real as shadows from a fire dancing on the walls of a cave. That the truth behind everything went much deeper than those flickering shapes. And once you’ve seen that truth, to explain it to the rest of the world would appear as the words of madness. What will you find in the cave?”

Reference to the ancient piece of Greek philosophy could draw clues to the themes and undertones of the developer’s work, certainly providing an insight for the three separate environments as Plato’s The Cave is divided into three distinct pieces.

Rusty Lake announced late last year that it would be ending the Cube Escape line after two more game releases, Cube Escape: The Cave to be one of the two. Following the wrap-up of Cube Escape, the developer has said that it will create “a complete new series based in Rusty Lake [universe],” so fans don’t need to fear an end to Mr. Owl and Crow.

Each of the games from the Cube Escape series are free to download for Android and iOS, and is also free to play through the Rusty Lake website via a web browser.

Rusty Lake: Hotel and Rusty Lake: Roots are both currently on sale, the escape room games receiving a 50 percent price drop, making them $0.99 and $1.99 respectively.

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