Bye-Bye BoxBoy! Releasing To 3DS, March 23

Seeing the end of BoxBoy! series.
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Nintendo announced that Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, the third and what is believed to be the last game in the BoxBoy! puzzle series, will be making its way to the state-side to the 3DS eShop on March 23.

Bye-Bye BoxBoy! will feature 180 puzzles spread over four planets, each world will showcase a Qbaby. Qbabies are new to the series and are little block kids that need to be guided to safety.

The title was previously released to the Japanese market as Goodbye! BoxBoy! on Feb. 2. Pricing for the western version hasn’t been released, but the other two games from the series sell for $4.99 so it’s a safe bet that it’ll fall around the same.

No formal announcement has been made by Hal Laboratory or Nintendo indicating that Bye-Bye BoxBoy! will be last in the puzzle series, but the fact that both companies refer to the franchise as a “trilogy” and the inclusion of “bye-bye” in the title leads many to that conclusion.

The time between Japanese and Western releases has dropped dramatically since the original game, which took six months to port. Bye-Bye BoxBoy! only took two-and-a-half months to make the trip.

Japan saw the release of a physical version that bundled the BoxBoy! series and came with an amiibo of BoxBoy, which unlocks a Kirby character. No word has come from Nintendo if the company plans on bringing either the collection or the amiibo to western markets.

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