Love You To Bits Gets New Levels This Month

Brings main storyline to an end.
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Alike Studios announced that “coming this month” the developer will be releasing an update for Love You To Bits, which will wrap up the puzzle adventure game’s story arc.

All had become quite on the Alike Studios development front after releasing two additional levels in July of last year, coming as an appeasement for fans of the game that had felt it was too short. Developers are finishing up on their promise to add “[more] extra levels will be included with no additional cost in the near future.”

Love You To Bits is the spiritual successor to Tiny Thief, much of its developers crew is made up of those that worked on the title. The story follows the adventures of tiny spaceman Kosmo, as he travels collecting bits of his robotic girlfriend that have been scattered throughout the universe.

Love You To Bits

Love You To Bits expansion level. Image: Alike Studio.

Developers still plan on releasing Love You To Bits on Android, Windows and macOS, but a launch date hasn’t been announced. Currently the puzzle game’s website still has it listed as “coming 2016.”

Delays for the other platforms could be caused by the fact that the development team has been waiting to move forward with the title, until the company felt that they’d brought Love You To Bits to a good stopping point. Smaller companies often are stretched for time and people, so Alike choosing to divert its attention to the iOS update is going to put the developers’ work on the other versions further behind.

Love You To Bits is available as a free download right now through Apple’s iOS, but usually retails for $3.99.

Update – April 4, 2017: Release date for the update has been announced as April 6.

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