Cosmic Express Coming From Alan Hazelden, March 16

Out of this world train puzzler.
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Alan Hazelden, the designer behind big puzzle game hits A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build and Sokobond, will be releasing his next larger scale project Cosmic Express to both mobile and desktop platforms, March 16.

Alongside programmer Ben Davis, Hazelden is again delivering an adorable puzzler, this time about laying railroad tracks inside cramped interstellar space domes. Alien passengers must be picked up and delivered to their destinations, the premise is simple enough, but Hazelden has proven in the past his design skills will produce some clever challenges.

Tyu has supplied the cute graphics, elevating the puzzle game to stand tall with Hazelden’s previous work.

Cosmic Express breaks with the recent past games that Hazelden has developed, whose core have been variations on the Sokoban form, namely A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build and Sokobond. The title began its life as Train Braining, a one-off effort made during Train Jam 2015 game jam, held on the California Zephyr train in Chicago.

Game jams are gatherings of artists, designers and developers that come together to create something in their line of work based on a particular premise, typically there is a deadline. Cosmic Express would go on to evolve from Hazelden’s Train Jam idea, with the designer bringing on the rest of the team a year later.

Cosmic Express will retail on Windows, macOS and Linux for $9.99, while the price will drop to $4.99 on Android and iOS.

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