Bulgaria Snags 2015 World Puzzle & Sudoku Championships

A host without a locale.
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Hosting duties for the World Puzzle Federation’s (WPF) 2015 Puzzle and Sudoku Championships have been officially given to… suspenseful pause… Bulgaria.

Deyan Razsadov, the head of the WPF Bulgarian team, presented his home country as a possible venue to the WPF General Assembly, which voted unanimously to bestow the honors to Bulgaria. Razsadov had two suggested locations, Albena and Plovdiv. The General Assembly gave an additional tentative vote with Plovdiv receiving a one vote victory, though no final decision has been made for the exact location within Bulgaria.

Albena is a large summer resort, tucked in the Northeastern corner of Bulgaria, right on the coast of the Black Sea. Plovdiv, in contrast, is located on the other side of the country and is one of Bulgaria’s largest cities, second only to its capital Sofia. WPF board members were concerned about travel within Albena, since it’s a resort it makes transit much more difficult during the time when the tournaments would be held.

Each year during the WPF tournaments, time is allotted to bring all of the WPF leadership together so that they can make decisions for the WPF, this is the General Assembly. Issues that are typically decided during these meetings are where the next WPF Championships will be held, election of WPF board, copyright issues, and the like.

No decision has been made on which country will host 2016’s Championships, though the timetable for the vote has been moved up and for the 2016 year it will be decided via email instead of an official General Assembly meeting. Presentations for hosting countries will be made on Jan. 31, 2015, with the announcement for the hosting country to be made on March 2015.

2014’s WPF Puzzle and Sudoku Championships were held Aug. 10 – 17, at the Selsdon Park Hotel & Golf Club, in London. Ulrich Voigt and Kota Morinishi won the top spots in the Puzzle and Sudoku individual tournaments, respectively, while Germany and Japan won their respective team competitions.

Source: WPF

Image courtesy of Plamen Agov

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