Chipotle Brings Puzzles To The Party

To the victors belong the burritos
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It’s the birthday of Chipotle and to celebrate the occasion, the international Mexican Grill restaurant is throwing a 3-week-long, online Adventurrito puzzle hunt.

The adventure began on July 13, the same day Steve Ells started his first Chipotle burrito shop in Denver, CO, 20 years ago. There are 20 puzzles, with a new challenge unlocking each day, over the course of the hunt.

During the event’s first 19 days, Chipotle will be rewarding 20 hunters with 52 free burritos, that’s one of their aluminum wrapped behemoths per week. On the twentieth and final day of the competition, the first 20 correct solvers will get a burrito a week for the next 20 years.

Chipotle math equation

Puzzles range in difficulty and focus on the food chain’s history and offerings. The challenges come in many styles, one has players trying to locate the position of a newly constructed Chipotle restaurant, with only a bird’s-eye-view map of the area to work with, while another has players solving a flavorful math equation.

Hints are available for each puzzle, but you’ll have to unlock them with purchasing items from a Chipotle location, or engage in some fancy dumpster diving. At the bottom of every receipt, there will be a code, which can be texted to the puzzle masters at 30364. Game control at Chipotle will text back a special code, which can be entered into the hint area of any puzzle on the website.

Chipotle puzzle

Each challenge is prefaced by a video with people like Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, country music star Willie Nelson, and many of the restaurant’s employees wishing the burrito food chain a happy birthday.

Participation in the puzzle hunt is free, with the exception of the hint buy-in, only registering through the Adventurrito website is required.

The puzzle hunt will be wrapping up Aug. 3. Good hunting and munching.

Source: Adventurrito

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